Breathtaking Nissan IMX Concept Car Revealed at Tokyo Motor Show

Breathtaking Nissan IMX Concept Car Revealed at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan proudly revealed its Nissan IMX Concept at Tokyo Motor Show that makes people bite their nails due to its incredible features and design. Nissan claims that the sale of this concept car will blow the “Leaf sales out of water” because Nissan is planning to turn its Leaf into an SUV. People are anxiously waiting for the launch of Nissan IMX concept car as Nissan announced to launch the production version of this concept car.

The experts of Nissan are claiming that the launch of its new all-electric concept car Nissan IMX will tremendously popular. The Nissan’s head of European design claimed that the launch of IMX will be a breakthrough model due to its features. Let’s elaborate the Nissan IMX concept car to give you detailed information about this fabulous concept car.

Design of Nissan IMX Concept Car

The design of Nissan IMX Concept Car is a true example of the breathtaking vehicle as the exterior of this concept car mesmerizes people due to its magnificent design that also gives a sense of security. Oppositely, the interior of this concept car not only gives a sense of comfort to its riders, but the advanced features help them to have a tranquil journey.

Design of Nissan IMX Concept Car

Impressive Exterior

The exterior of Nissan IMX Concept Car is simply magnificent as Nissan smartly finish the exterior with amazing colors. The exterior design of this lavish concept car is inspired by Uramasari as it has a unicolor body design, but the roof and the windows of this beautiful concept car are finished with black color that makes it look catchy.

Exterior of Nissan IMX Concept Car

Nissan deeply worked on each and every tiny part of the vehicle as it has sleek lines and sharp curves that make it stand out from all other vehicles. Nissan IMX concept car is a sporty electric vehicle and its design gives a signature Nissan look.

The front of this concept car is equipped with V-Motion grille along with the supple character lines that appeal people to give it a second look. Thanks to its uniquely shaped front fenders that start from the front grille and it expands to the seamlessly on both the sides of this concept car that gives an expression of layers.

Awe-inspiring Interior

The interior of Nissan IMX Concept Car is simply breathtaking as it is inspired by Japanese Kimonos and thanks to the finest material used in the concept car that gives a sense of comfort to its riders. The seats of this concept car are beautifully designed as they are finished with diagonal patterns that are skillfully carved with a laser cutter.

Interior of Nissan IMX Concept Car

The experts of Nissan superbly finished the headrest of the seats with the array resembling Kumiki. On the other hand, a Japanese interlocking wood puzzle is also a part of this concept car that is superbly made with the Silicon-Material cushioning. The experts smartly produced the frame by a 3D printer that makes the look of this concept car simply incredible.

The best part of the Nisan IMX Concept Car is its artificial intelligence that enables the driver to control the instrument panel with the movement of an eye and the gestures of hands. This feature will not only help the driver to have a less physical control and switches, but also make the concept car highly effective and comfy for its riders.

Interior of the Nissan IMX Concept Car

Performance of Nissan IMX Concept Car

Nissan IMX Concept Car is said to be equipped with two powerful motors that are able to deliver 423 horsepower and 516 lb.-ft. of torque. The battery of this four-wheel drive vehicle is able to cover 373 miles per charge.

Performance of Nissan IMX Concept Car

Nissan Intelligent Integration

Nissan Intelligent Integration is a true example of encroachment and the proficiency of the experts. Nissan claimed that this concept car will is also able to contribute to the social infrastructure as it is able to park itself at a spot where this concept car can connect to the local power grid.

Nissan IMX concept car can also act as a Virtual Power Plant by recurring electricity to the grid. Thanks to the connected car technologies and its increased battery capacity along with the seamless autonomous mobility that effectively carried out the whole process starting from the pickup terminal to a drive home by the concept car itself.

Nissan Intelligent Driving

Another remarkable feature of Nissan IMX concept car is its ProPILOT that will definitely be a turning point in the innovation of car manufacturing industry. This concept car will be featured with ProPILOT drive mode and manual drive mode.

The ProPILOT driving mode will automatically stow the steering wheel inside the dashboard and it will also recline all the seats of this concept car. This feature will give the driver more space in the vehicle to get relax.

On the other hand, the manual drive mode will automatically return all the seats and steering wheel to their original position. It will also transfer the control of the concept car back to the driver.

Price of Nissan IMX Concept Car

The price of Nissan IMX concept car is not yet revealed by the authorities of Nissan.



No doubt, Nissan IMX Concept Car is a breathtaking vehicle and it will be a breakthrough in the automotive industry due to its incredible features that include Nissan intelligent driving and Nissan intelligent integration.

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